Collection #1

Legacy is a tribute collection launched to celebrate the revolutionary Toni Mascolo (1942-2017) – co-founder of TONI&GUY. A beloved name in the hairdressing industry, Toni was a game-changer in the hairdressing industry. 

The Legacy collection embodies luxurious timelessness, accessibility and ground-breaking artistries – a gospel of sum and substances that constructed the story of TONI&GUY.

Graphic prints and clothing designed by upcoming designer ZHI Chen from I-AM-CHEN A/W18.

Collection #2

Individual, creative and diverse. The Futurewise is a collection that embodies the versatility, value and transcendence which TONI&GUY has represented through the years. 


The international artistic team behind TONI&GUY collaborated with leading fashion designers from all over the world to come up with these dynamic cuts, muted hues and embellished splendour.

Collection #3

A reflection of TONI&GUY’s heritage, success and sempiternal fame, Duality presents a fresh collection of vibrant colours and avant-gardist styles, including The Angle, The Panelling and The Halo. The trend-driven colour palette used for Duality allows room for playfulness and individuality.


TONI&GUY’s success has always been rooted firmly in our philosophy and education. We invest regularly in our team members to present them with innovation, inspiration and a unique experience. We offer our team members continuous education at TONI&GUY’s London-based headquarters.